Rave Reviews

Thank you, Terry, for your excellent advice to develop key accomplishment statements for my resume. I knew that I needed to do it, but quantifying the impact of what I thought of as “soft skills” seemed like a daunting task, so I put it off. When I finally did it, the results were both positive and immediate! I was presented with an opportunity for a new job in a different department within my current organization. The final decision-makers only knew me in my current role, and I’m sure it was difficult for them to look past my current job title. However, within 30 minutes of handing my newly-refurbished resume to a key player, the department head requested to meet with me. With my well-defined accomplishments and impact statements, he could clearly see how my skills would add value to his team – and how, in the new role, I would be able to help the company both make money and save money while our industry recovers from a downturn. I got the job! Your advice was on-point, and your encouragement was invaluable.

Melissa E.

I would like to thank you for all of your help over the last couple of months.  The hiring process has changed significantly since I had to go through it last and your guidance was an immeasurable resource.  The work accomplished in crafting my resume and “product” helped my confidence during the interviews.

Eric Carney, Aerospace Engineer

Dear Terry: As you know, when we first talked with you last fall, we were experiencing some serious problems within our management team. There was a great deal of distrust and morale was dropping. Certain managers were acting in a heavy-handed manner with their people. We were also losing employees who were giving us negative reviews during exit interviews. I personally used to dread coming to work because of all the turmoil. With these concerns in mind, you came in and partnered with us to develop a program that would address the specific issues that we were facing. Your commitment to stay with us until the problems were resolved was especially appreciated, as was the personal interest you took in helping us deal with and improve our situation. The fact that you have an engineering background was a major selling point since you would be dealing with highly technical employees. Your ability to “speak the language” was a big asset. Since the program, the transformation in our staff has been tremendous. Attitudes in general are better, there is a great level of trust among the management team and we now have a much more pleasant work environment. Even better, we have had several of our ex-employees return and all are commenting on the positive changes they see. With results this good, we fully intend to bring you back to work with more of our employees in the near future. We want to continue to build on the progress that has been made while reinforcing the positive changes that have already occurred. Once again, thank you for your time and commitment to the staff here at Noltex.

Randy Boeding, Senior Vice President, Noltex

Terry, Just wanted to let you know I accepted a new job offer.  The position provides an opportunity for me to utilize my knowledge, skills, and abilities while pursuing my entrepreneurial aspirations within a ‘secure’ employment agreement.  I am very excited because it seems to fit perfectly with what I want. I don’t think my resume would have ever gotten past the recruiter had I not used the tools you gave me in our coaching session.  I clearly defined what I do and how it would add value to the organization.  The result, I got the offer. Thanks for your help.

Travis E. Shoemake

Terry Atkinson is a true catalyst for personal insight and discovery. She ignites an awareness of capability, direction, and purpose and provides the accountability for achieved results.Thank you for the fire Terry.

Clinton S Coker, Consultant/Coach

Hi Terry, I GOT A JOB!!   Yes, I’m screaming……. I really think that listening to your program the past two weeks helped set my head in the right perspective.    I did the accomplishment worksheet which was really difficult  –  think it’s a female thing to “brag”…..  Anyhow – I believe that ramped my confidence level and prepared me for what happened this week.     The job and pay are exactly what I was looking for.  And……….I thank you very much for your wonderful coaching.

Rosemary Grant

Thank you for your enthusiasm and energy during our career coaching sessions. Working with you to align my personal and professional goals with my value system has been extremely valuable. When I was recently faced with selecting between job offers, you were able to offer clarity and a logic that supported a natural and obvious selection. Your assessment of the choices was absolutely correct resulting in a terrific work experience. Blending the professional counseling with personal considerations has been a natural extension of the coaching program.

Mike Harrison, Business Development, ENGlobal, www.englobal.com

Terry Suffredini kept me on-pace and on-target during this past year while I was overwhelmed with a potential new employment opportunity, creating a talk radio show, as well as writing and editing my first book. Calm, focused and passionate about what you are doing is Terry’s hallmark. You may not even recognize, until well after the fact, how much her guidance has meant to you.

Rick Gillis, Author of JOB! Learn How to Find Your Next Job in One Day, www.rickgillis.com