Keynote Speaking

Terry Suffredini, a Certified Life and Career Coach as well as, a licensed Chemical Engineer, is a warm, friendly, funny, and inspiring Keynote Speaker. As a coach, she focuses on the things that truly matter in life: values and integrity, meaningful work, and rediscovering the joy that can be lost during the daily grind. As a speaker, Terry focuses on stories; using empathy and humor to illustrate and illuminate the ways that we can all find fulfillment in our work and our lives – and how each affects and reinforces the other.

Terry, Just wanted to let you know I accepted a new job offer.  The position provides an opportunity for me to utilize my knowledge, skills, and abilities while pursuing my entrepreneurial aspirations within a ‘secure’ employment agreement.  I am very excited because it seems to fit perfectly with what I want. I don’t think my resume would have ever gotten past the recruiter had I not used the tools you gave me in our coaching session.  I clearly defined what I do and how it would add value to the organization.  The result, I got the offer. Thanks for your help.

Travis E. Shoemake

Terry’s preferred audience includes left-brained, analytical types like herself. Her passion is to support engineers who are unhappy and dissatisfied with their professional lives.

These are motivated, committed individuals who often feel trapped, – frustrated, stressed-out, and stuck in a work environment that does not fuel their vision, support their goals,. or appreciate their dedication. These individuals seek change yet fear it …and often feel that they have failed in meaningful ways, despite their obvious intelligence, years of training, and experience.

They know they are capable of, perhaps even destined for, something better; but feel lost as to how to make the transition happen. This dissatisfaction with their professional lives may also be creating issues in their personal lives, adding to their frustration and sense of failure.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and energy during our career coaching sessions. Working with you to align my personal and professional goals with my value system has been extremely valuable. When I was recently faced with selecting between job offers, you were able to offer clarity and a logic that supported a natural and obvious selection. Your assessment of the choices was absolutely correct resulting in a terrific work experience. Blending the professional counseling with personal considerations has been a natural extension of the coaching program.

Mike Harrison, Business Development, ENGlobal,

As Terry’s career has progressed, she discovered that she had a passion and gift for coaching and public speaking.  Using humor and personal experiences from her professional life as an environmental regulatory bureaucrat for the state of Texas, as a Process Design engineer and Project Engineer in the private sector, as well as her experiences as a mom of four, Terry shows how she can relate to most issues that her audience likely is facing.

Terry’s approach as a Keynote Speaker tends to focus on two areas that have meaning to the audience described above.

In her talk on How Bad Advice and Wrong Choices Can Still Create a Path to Success, Terry shares how she got to where she is today despite getting bad advice at the beginning of her career from those who should have known better. She uses these experiences to illustrate how: 1) she is no different from everyone else and, if she can change, anyone can; and 2) we don’t have to be defined by our mistakes, and 3) we certainly don’t have to stay in a bad place if we don’t want to.

Terry’s mix of self-deprecating humor and empathy for others who’ve listened to bad advice and made bad choices, not necessarily due to the bad advice, makes this instructional talk entertaining as well as enlightening. Not shy about her own missteps and mishaps, she is happy to share her journey to a place in life that has led to gratefulness, understanding, forgiveness, and joy, making her work far more productive and rewarding.

Hi Terry, I GOT A JOB!!   Yes, I’m screaming……. I really think that listening to your program the past two weeks helped set my head in the right perspective.    I did the accomplishment worksheet which was really difficult  –  think it’s a female thing to “brag”…..  Anyhow – I believe that ramped my confidence level and prepared me for what happened this week.     The job and pay are exactly what I was looking for.  And……….I thank you very much for your wonderful coaching.

Rosemary Grant

Through her sometimes rocky journey, Terry has learned that values matter and that integrity to those values will lead you to the place in your life, and the career, that is right for you. Click here to schedule Terry as the Keynote Speaker at your next event.