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Do You Ever Feel Like an Imposter?

Have you ever felt like you are hiding behind a facade of competency? On the outside, you seem to have it all together, you’re completely in charge, and all is going well. On the outside. But inside? Oh my…there’s a whole ‘nother story going on! Ask me how I know :-). It doesn’t have to …


Interview Jitters? Try These 5 Easy Tips to Reduce Your Nervousness

A follower on LinkedIn recently wrote to ask me how she could be more calm when being interviewed for jobs. Since this is such a common problem, probably especially for engineers, I thought I’d share my response with you. In reality, there are many things going on that cause interview nerves. If someone comes to …


A Nice Break From All the Negativity

For those who watched the presidential debate Sunday night, wasn’t the last question refreshing?! For those who missed it, the questioner basically challenged both candidates to say something nice – to share something they liked or respected – about their opponent. What a welcome break that was from all the mudslinging and vitriol that has …


10 Things To Do For a More Successful Life

Sure am enjoying the beautiful fall weather here in Texas.  It’s so nice to get a break from the heat.  It’s not cold yet by any means, but I’ll take sunny days with highs in the 70s and low 80s any day! All this nice weather is making me feel more energetic and has me …


Increase Email Productivity

I don’t know about you but it seems I spend (waste!) a lot of time trying to keep up with email.  Since my guess is I’m not alone, I thought the following blog post would be helpful.  It comes from Tammy Foley’s BizBoost Newsletter which can be found at  She gave me permission to …


Opening Day at the Engineering Coach Blog!

[Note, this is actually a reprint of a post from my previous website. The economic outlook in Texas and the Gulf Coast is not nearly as rosy as it was at the time this was originally written. Such is the nature of anything related to oil and gas, unfortunately.] So many topics, so little time! …