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How to end a Networking Conversation Politely

Expert networkers recommend that at networking events (once they start back up again), you only talk to one person for 5-10 minutes before moving on to work the rest of the room. You certainly don’t want to have started a great conversation with someone and then leave them with a bad taste in their mouth because you abruptly or rudely walked away. Nor do you want to get stuck all night talking with one person when you needed to be mingling.


12 Great Ways to Start a Networking Conversation

Have you been to networking events but felt tongue-tied, not knowing what to say? Or worse, have you been avoiding such events for the same reason? I’ve been there…and probably half the people at any networking function are feeling the same way.


Terry’s Birthday Thoughts – What I Learned

  So, I had a birthday recently. It fell on a workday this year so having a wild and crazy time was out. (LOL…who am I kidding? I likely wouldn’t have done anything too wild and crazy even if it had fallen on a weekend!) With the many birthday greetings I received from friends/family far …


Harvey, We Got This!

The following is from a Facebook post by one of my University of Texas Chemical Engineering classmates, Roger Sowell, who is now a practicing lawyer in California. Love all of his FB posts but this one, in particular, really made me proud. It was in response to Harvey’s impact on Houston. Roger gave me permission …


Find The Career Path That Fits You

Are you thinking of a career change or wanting to move up from where you’re at? Do you love to get up in the morning and head to work or is it something you dread each day? Are you dreaming of working in a different field – one where you feel you are using your …


3 Tips to Take the Sting out of Criticism

In my last post, I talked about being brave – about acting “as if” until we actually gain the confidence we want to feel. I also talked about how good-hearted people around you want you to succeed. But what about those who are not so good-hearted – those individuals who seem happy only when they …


Developing Confidence: Being brave even when you don’t feel it

“BE BRAVE. Even if you’re not, pretend to be.”   I love today’s quote about being brave. I originally saw it under the image of a goldfish swimming with a shark fin attached to its back (didn’t include it here to avoid copyright issues). Imagine, a little fish in a big pond faking people out …


Does a job gap on your resume hurt you?

Does a job gap on your resume hurt you?   I received another question recently that is probably on the minds of many, given the prolonged nature of the downturn in the oil and gas industry. Here it is: “I’m worried at this point that the gap on my resume from when I was laid …


5 Tips on How to Create an Awesome Cover Letter

5 Tips on How to Create an Awesome Cover Letter   Recently, someone emailed me the cover letter they use when applying for job openings, asking me for any suggestions on how it might be improved. This person has very good experience, but wasn’t getting many responses from potential hiring managers. So I recommended some …


Recruitment Firm has two open engineering positions to fill

Recruitment Firm has two open engineering positions to fill Mulvey International Executive Search and Recruitment Firm is working with a national manufacturer client to fill the following two positions. If you have any questions and/or would like to send in your resume, please contact: Kathy Mulvey – or call Bill at 619-370-6210 Note they …

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