Interview Jitters? Try These 5 Easy Tips to Reduce Your Nervousness


A follower on LinkedIn recently wrote to ask me how she could be more calm when being interviewed for jobs.

Since this is such a common problem, probably especially for engineers, I thought I’d share my response with you.

In reality, there are many things going on that cause interview nerves. If someone comes to me for coaching on the topic, I work with them to get to the bottom of what the root issues are. With that, we then develop specific steps to take to increase confidence in general, as well as make sure the person is prepared to speak to their skills and what they bring to the table.

However, in this case, my follower needed something right away, so I suggested five things she/anyone can do in such a situation that will make things go a lot more easily.  For fun, and for something different in these crazy Covid days, I decided to record them for this post. [Disclaimer: I did this quickly on my computer so please bear with me as the sound quality isn’t perfect.] Just click on the play button on the left to listen. 


I would love to hear what you think about these tips. Please share in the comment section. And if you enjoy audios like these, I’d like to know that, too.

Be Calm and Interview On :-).


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