Terry’s Birthday Thoughts – What I Learned



So, I had a birthday recently. It fell on a workday this year so having a wild and crazy time was out. (LOL…who am I kidding? I likely wouldn’t have done anything too wild and crazy even if it had fallen on a weekend!) With the many birthday greetings I received from friends/family far and wide, and dinner out with a wonderful friend, it was a really nice day.

If you’re wondering how many candles were on the cake, all I’ll say is…there were enough! Enough to have learned a few things after all this time. Thought I’d share some that came to mind, in the hope they might help and/or be of interest:

  1. It’s the people in your life that make the difference. Money is nice – it absolutely can solve a lot of problems – but it’s family and friends who love you for who you are that provide the juice that makes everything worthwhile. Cherish those people!
  2. Starting your own business will teach you more about yourself than you ever knew needed learning!
  3. The first person to bottle a baby’s belly laugh will make a killing!! Nothing brightens a day more.
  4. People who give – who are generous with their time and money (in a balanced, healthy way) – are the happiest people you will meet. They are also the nicest to be around. I want to be more of that kind of person and to surround myself with similar people.
  5. News is news because it’s different from the norm. Since most of what we hear reported is bad stuff, that must mean the norm is good! Think about it, and see if that doesn’t change your perspective about some things.
  6. Along the same lines, it’s a fact we tend to get more of what we focus on. If we’d all focus on the good in the world, we just might start seeing a real change for the better. If nothing else, we’d feel less anxious and more encouraged. Yes, bad things do happen – sometimes really, really bad things – and some require the spotlight on them to initiate change for the better. But in many cases, I’m pretty sure we make bad actions more frequent by giving them attention.
  7. It’s possible to disagree without being disagreeable. This needs to be written in the sky or something all across the country these days. I know this isn’t a new thought, but it seems to have been forgotten.
  8. A gorgeous sunrise (or sunset) is worth taking the time to notice and savor. Just please also keep your eyes on the road if you happen to be driving at the time (…guess how I know this)!
  9. Feedback can be a very good thing. It lets you know where you stand, where you could improve, and where you’re already doing just fine…or even great. Get your brave on and ask for input, whether it be your boss, friends, spouse, kids, or whoever. It’s worth it.
  10. Working with competent, fun, and caring people to accomplish a shared positive end goal is amazingly rewarding and fulfilling. Consider yourself blessed if you are in such a position. If you’re not, it wouldn’t hurt to make it a goal to get there.

I could go on, but it would be more fun to hear what YOU think. What would you add to the list?



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