Find The Career Path That Fits You


Are you thinking of a career change or wanting to move up from where you’re at? Do you love to get up in the morning and head to work or is it something you dread each day? Are you dreaming of working in a different field – one where you feel you are using your full potential? Are you not sure where to start and just feel stuck?

Several years ago I was in that situation. I was unhappy working as an environmental consultant. After 20 years in this field, I got my brave on and decided to transition into a realm of engineering that was more in line with my talents and interests – process design and project management. I also launched a coaching business to work with other engineers to help them thrive where they are at or find a more suitable and enjoyable career path.

Join me on Jena Rodriguez’ s “The Brave Entrepreneur” as I share my story. It was a great conversation with Jena as we discussed the importance of getting your brave on in your business and career. I shared my own journey and the secrets I’ve used to build and grow a thriving career and business. Find out how at an older age, I able to start all over, re-invent myself and find fulfillment. Discover why it’s never too late to go out and find the right fit for you. I guarantee that there are plenty of big ah-ha moments on the podcast that will inspire you to kick up your own game and get your brave on! Be sure to email me what you think or post a comment on my Facebook page.

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