Does a job gap on your resume hurt you?


write a resumeI received another question recently that is probably on the minds of many, given the prolonged nature of the downturn in the oil and gas industry. Here it is: “I’m worried at this point that the gap on my resume from when I was laid off till now might be a negative to recruiters, etc. Do you agree?”

This is a great question. In a normal job market, a gap can be a problem, but right now, with so many people affected by this latest downturn, you don’t have to be too concerned about it. Hiring managers and recruiters understand that many great candidates got caught by the layoffs and that there just haven’t been many jobs to be had. Keep in mind that most recruiters have been in the same boat as everyone else. No openings mean no hired searches and no income for them either. So they get it. Therefore, this is one thing you can take off your “worry” plate.

If you’ve been using the time to stay up to date on issues and trainings in your industry, be sure to say so in your Linkedin summary – and even on your resume (maybe add a section near the end called something like “Recent Trainings and Certifications” and list them, with dates). This would show you in a favorable light as someone who used their off time wisely.


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