A Nice Break From All the Negativity


For those who watched the presidential debate Sunday night, wasn’t the last question refreshing?!

For those who missed it, the questioner basically challenged both candidates to say something nice – to share something they liked or respected – about their opponent. What a welcome break that was from all the mudslinging and vitriol that has characterized this campaign and others like it in recent times! The mood in the whole room turned on a dime. People were actually smiling! I wish we could have more moments like this – in our political discussions, in reporting of world events, and in our daily lives.

What a difference it makes when we focus on the positive. If it’s true that we get more of what we focus on (and it IS true), then I’d rather see more good things happening than all the bad we seem to keep getting. Therefore, I say let’s look for what’s going right – in the world, in our careers, in our relationships, etc. – and give less power and focus to what’s not so right.

What about you? Is it just me or are others ready for a more positive focus?

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