Leadership Training and Professional Coaching for Engineers

Are you ready to move beyond the “tech side” and advance on the corporate ladder?

Have you seen other engineers become overwhelmed by a management position and throw in the towel?

Do you fear you lack the skills to succeed in the executive role you’ve coveted?

Being troubled by questions like these is entirely natural for an engineer who wants to advance within a company. After all, as engineers, we’re trained in completely different ways than most managers. We have “tech skills” while they have “people skills”.

For most, these skill sets not only do not mesh – they clash!

Believe me, I get it. I’ve been there and done that, many times. That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to becoming America’s Premier Engineer’s Coach, to help my fellow “geeks” and “techies” make the transition to higher paying leadership roles as smoothly and effectively as possible.

As engineers, we plan every detail of a project. Yet, when it comes to our careers, we tend to “wing it.” Not anymore!

If you’ve decided it’s time to take the next step up the corporate ladder, my Leadership Coaching for Engineers is exactly what you need to build the skills required for advancement. You will:

Improve interpersonal communication with peers and subordinates

Learn how to build teams of dedicated, committed, engaged employees

Become a motivator of others who builds loyalty to your vision

Build confidence in your ability to lead, with people skills that produce

Protect yourself from being promoted to your dream job – and failing due to lack of leadership skills

This is not a “charm school” for engineers who want to pretend they can be leaders. We do not deal in platitudes about “competencies.” We do not play around with “feel good”, mushy, theoretical business models.

My leadership coaching focuses on real-world, practical solutions to the multiple leadership challenges faced by anyone who has been trained in the pragmatic, down-to-earth world of engineering.

Corporate Leadership Coaching for Engineering Companies

While a great engineer may not become a great leader, great leaders can also be engineers. Yet, too many engineering businesses promote people who excel in one area but who lack the skills to be successful in others. The cost of such errors in judgment can be staggering, and not just in revenue wasted.

The cost in morale and production can be even more devastating – to both the company and the individual who lacked the skills needed to succeed.

With my Leadership and Professional Coaching for Corporations, your engineering company will:

Save money, time, and energy with leaders who excel at multiple levels

Promote more women engineers to management and executive positions

Reduce failure rates among engineers promoted to management positions

Keep teams intact and productive

Boost short-term and long-term profitability

It’s time to stop sacrificing your best people to the “leadership experiment” that continues to fail you. Talented engineers are too hard to come by to waste them in a role for which they have not been prepared. It’s time to invest in your best and brightest, enabling them to develop the leadership skills they need, and empowering them to succeed.