Leadership Coaching for Women Engineers

Does the “glass ceiling” really exist, or are your assumptions preventing your advancement?
Are you a victim of the “Old Boys Network”?
Has your work life thrown your personal life out of balance?

I’m a woman, and an engineer. I’ve designed and developed many projects, but I have also worked in management and leadership roles that had been the domain of men only. I learned many things doing these jobs, not least of which is that we all bring preconceived notions about our own potential to everything we do – including our ability to advance and be successful in leadership roles and other professional endeavors.

I never once hit a glass ceiling, because I never allowed myself to believe others could limit my dreams of success.

Developing a Leadership Mindset

Whether man or woman, there are two types of engineers: those who want to remain engineers but excel at it, and those who want to move into leadership roles. If this is the case, why does it seem that men advance more readily than women? Here’s a surprising fact that may explain it for you:

Men believe if they have 30% of necessary qualifications, they will seek promotion, figuring they can learn the rest on the job. Women believe that, even with 80% of qualifications, they aren’t ready yet, and don’t apply for promotions.

This mindset, that even with minimal skills they can be successful, is the primary reason men are able to rise within organizations – because they believe they can – despite evidence to the contrary. (See above.)

As women, we simply are not taught to think this way and, as a result, we tend to limit ourselves when setting goals and reaching for our dreams. In the world of psychology, these are known as limiting beliefs, and they can hold you back in all areas of your life: professional and personal, in relationships of all types, and in realizing your full potential.


Overcome Limiting Beliefs About Women in the Workplace

Not only am I living proof that this is possible for women, including women engineers, but so are the many women I’ve worked with who have developed the leadership skills needed to succeed at all levels of their professional lives.

As a result of my leadership coaching for women engineers, you will learn how to:

  • Create a path to senior management
  • Earn recognition and rewards for your achievements
  • Develop confidence in your leadership skills
  • Communicate with authority that fosters engagement
  • Build Confidence in your competence as an engineer, and as a leader
  • Show your value for promotion and management roles
  • Set, and achieve, “stretch goals” that lead to advancement and higher earnings

While it’s true that women must face challenges in the workplace that simply do not exist for men, I am here to help you overcome them.

If you want to be promoted, or to protect yourself from being promoted and failing due to a lack of leadership skills, I’ll help you to:

  • Learn how to maintain skills and hireability when you stop working to raise your family
  • Set, and reach, long-term goals for advancement and financial success
  • Develop work/life management skills unique to the needs of women in the workplace
  • Accept that, at times, work and life may be a bit out of balance but, that’s OK
  • Stop feeling guilty for loving your career

Frankly, these are skills that are usually not taught to women, and that many women do not develop. After all, our “role” is to nurture, nourish, and sustain others. The good news is… Women can still be all of those things, and so much more.